Our first real love is music. Having specialized in 2-channel reproduction for many years, we have learned to appreciate all types of music especially when experienced through one of our systems. We have intentionally sought equipment that has brought us musical satisfaction along with reliability and value while also trying to keep in mind the ever-changing tide of home theater. It is our preference to keep these two systems separated from each other but the market forces are dictating the melding of the two.

Whether you are just starting out wanting to put together a simple system, or going after the ultimate in high-end performance, we carry a range of products for the budget music lover and for the cost-no-object critical listener. Budget systems can be put together using quality pre-owned equipment or with our product offerings from Cambridge Audio, Tannoy, and others. If you are working with a slightly higher budget, you'll want to audition Rega, Focal, and Epos among others. For the ultimate in musical enjoyment, involvement and emotion, experience the Naim Audio passive and active systems.

At Hawthorne Stereo, if you purchase a complete system or even just one piece of equipment, we will give you 80% back in trade within a year of purchase when you want to upgrade (some conditions apply, contact us for more details). That's true of all equipment including used/demo. Of course, we ask that the equipment be returned in good working condition.