Naim Audio

Founded almost 30 years ago by Julian Vereker MBE, Salisbury England's Naim Audio has been our reference brand since 1986. We strongly believe that no system retrieves and reproduces the musical information from source material as coherently or enjoyably as Naim. Originally part of the UK "flat earth" rebellion against mundane sources and speaker based hi-fi, Naim has introduced many principles that have influenced the way people build hi-fi the world over. Long ago Naim said "The Source Matters Most" and they still believe it. The company known in the '80s for uncompromisingly musical sound from funny black boxes has grown to become premier designers of a wide range of audio and home theater equipment ranging from the award winning Nait5i integrated amp to the extraordinary CDS3 CD player. Along the way the original design concepts and principles established my Mr. Vereker have been retained with remarkable clarity and consistency. We invite anyone truly interested in music to experience the Naim sound. There's no other high end hi-fi we recommend more.