There is no greater value in the world of home audio than the products produced by Roy Gandy and Rega. Founded on the idea of high quality, exciting music playback at affordable prices, Rega has existed for over 25 years with little advertising other than word of mouth, no outsourcing or overseas manufacturing, no trendy splashy products, no gimmicky fittings or casework, but a reliable commitment to great sound for your money.

Rega is a company we've been proud to represent for years due to their constant quest for high-quality music playback and commitment to value. Rega first made their name with turntables, the legendary Planar 2 and Planar 3 in current forms still the sound leaders in their price ranges. Their practice of consistent but careful innovation has lead to the introduction of a full line of amplifiers, CD players and speakers as well. They do not make AV equipment, they only introduce new products every few years and they're the antithesis of flavor-of-the-month gizmo laden gear that's really an OEM design made in China with spendy brand name speaker posts on a flimsy sheet metal case. We can't stand that stuff, we love Rega!

Rega equipment is all manufactured in house in England. The money you spend goes where it matters most such as heavy extruded aluminum casework rather than flimsy sheet metal, one-piece tonearm castings to maximize rigidity, real wood veneer and hand made drivers in all speakers, high quality phono stages in all amps and pre-amps. Rega products are built to last and deliver a sensible yet thrilling connection to your music collection every day.

Rega's New Decks

P5 - The P5 replaces the P25. It utilizes the same glass platter as the P3, but the micro-fiber plinth is CNC machined to reduce resonant mass and clad in an extruded aluminum surround. Add the new RB700 tonearm and you've got an exceptional turntable for $1295. Available in silver or black. But wait, there's more. The P5 comes with an outboard motor power supply that can be upgraded to the Rega PSU that comes standard with the P7.

P7 - I've just had the pleasure of a couple days spent listening to the P7 with an Exact cartridge and even this long time Linn fanatic is extremely impressed. The detail and tonal exactness surpasses the first iteration of the P9 and the sound is full, warm, forward, and lively. An utterly engaging combination and stylish too. This record player swings and delivers music tunefully. First rate.