What is there to be said about Tannoy that hasn’t been said before? For over 75 years they’ve been in the business of building the finest loudspeakers available for professional and residential applications. From the entry level Fusion line to the renown Prestige series, each Tannoy speaker is built to withstand a lifetime’s hard work while delivering top notch playback of music and film. We stock the Fusion, Eyris, and Dimension lines in the shop and all others are available by special order. All lines we sell are selected for excellent music performance and have matching center and rear channel speakers for AV systems.

Loudspeakers from Tannoy

We carry the entry level Fusion series beginning at an astounding $228/pr for the Fusion 1. The larger Fusion 2 monitors and Fusion 3 floorstanders will also complete any budget stereo or home theater system at a very modest price for outstanding Tannoy quality.

Of some excitement to the Hawthorne kids is the Tannoy Sensys 2 DC. An elegant smaller monitor, the 2DC features the Tannoy dual concentric technology, placing the tweeter within the voice coil of the 6” woofer. But what’s that on top? A true super tweeter carrying frequency response over an octave beyond the range of our hearing. The use? Tannoy’s research revealed a good deal of musical energy in that range, especially from analog and hi-end digital sources. Rather than chopping off an instrument’s harmonics, the Tannoy super tweeters present the entire waveform, resulting in. . . very good sound. Come hear for yourself.